Mediterranean Cellars
Old-world traditions, new-world tastes
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The rich history and culture of the Mediterranean influences the Papadopoulos family in their passion for fine wines and the four generation long art of jewelry creation.

Our History

Louis Papadopoulos is the owner and winemaker of Mediterranean Cellars. Louis is originally from Athens, Greece (specifically, the Attiki region). His family heritage includes a long tradition of winemaking and goldsmithing.

It was in the Attiki region where Louis grew up and spent his childhood years. He helped his father in the goldsmith business and played among the vines as a young boy. It was in this region where his father maintained a small vineyard prior and during World War II. It was among these ripe, rich grapes of the region where Louis first got his introduction to winemaking. Louis enjoyed working the region's vineyards, alongside older, more experienced winemakers. It was from these elders that he learned the art of winemaking.

After World War II, Louis's father returned to his profession as a goldsmith. He was commissioned by the Palace of Greece to make jewelry, dishes, utensils, and other pieces for the household of King George II (the king of Greece at the time).

Louis followed in his father's footsteps as a goldsmith working alongside his father at first. He then apprenticed, perfected his art, and later worked and managed operations with internationally recognized Greek jewelers, Ilias Lalaounis and Zolotas, before opening his very own jewelry store.

In 1961, along with building his jewelry business Louis returned to winemaking independently creating his own wines. Soon thereafter, he purchased properties in Attiki and Corinth, where he cultivated vineyards, apricots, peaches, lemons, oranges and olive trees (often exporting apricots and lemons to Germany).

During his first visit to Virginia in 1979, Louis recognized the red clay soil as very similar to the Attiki region, and immediately began looking for a farm to develop into a vineyard. In 2003, Mediterranean Cellars opened its doors, offering a variety of hand-crafted, high-quality wines, which embody both traditional European and American winemaking techniques. The end product is a unique combination of tradition and new ideas, as the winemaker's spirit and inspiration is experienced in each sip of every wine.